Universal - without compromise
The advantages of rotating and non-rotating nozzles are harmoniously combined. This allows a variety of tasks to be performed with a single nozzle - without compromise. A large number of extensions are available to solve even the most specialized challenges cost-effectively and effectively.
Maximum efficiency
Equipped with the best ceramic inserts available and with computer optimized flow dynamics, the Blue not only cleans thoroughly, but also has extreme traction. Therefore it is no longer necessary to clean with the highest pressure.  60 to 100 bar are sufficient for fast and thorough cleaning.  A low pressure reduces the load on the pump and the pump and this in turn reduces fuel costs considerably.
Head speed
Clean small or large pipes at the optimum speed! The Blue has a smooth, electromagnetic speed control. The mechanism controls the head rotation speed during the entire service life.  The system prevents the brake from weakening in time.  This eliminates wear and tear.
Any water quality, no maintenance
Equipped with the best ceramic inserts, the Blue can process polluted or treated 

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